Roope services

The Association maintains the Roope services intended primarily for those travelling in and around Finnish maritime and lake regions. The Roope services found in harbours, on islands and along waterways include:

  •  Approximately 200 Roope waste recycling and disposal stations for the collection of mixed waste as well as bins for glass, bottles, small metal waste and, in some locations, paper and cardboard. There is generally always one or more dry toilets located near the recycling and disposal station. 
  • 30 floating sewage pumpout stations (Our website also contains a list of all the other pumpout stations located throughout Finland. This list is based on information supplied by municipalities and harbours.)
  • Within the Finnish Lakeland region, the Association is responsible for the service and maintenance of 139 excursion harbours owned by different recreational area associations or foundations, towns or municipalities. Our responsibilities cover waste management, maintenance of wooden grill covers and structures, the emptying of dry toilets and other maintenance work.
  • During the summer, the Association collaborates with local waste disposal companies to organise separate collection campaigns for hazardous waste and rubbish in various locations free of charge.

As a member of the Association, you have access to all the Roope services provided by the Association. Read more about membership.

Roope services of the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association are clearly marked with the association’s Seal logo.