Environmental information

Since it was founded, the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association has overseen the management of waste created by boaters and others travelling in and around the fragile waterways of the archipelago and lake region. Ensuring the upkeep of waste disposal stations and dry toilets in the harbours remains an important aspect of the Association’s activities. The Association also provides other services, such as floating sewage pumpout stations and excursion harbour services for those travelling on the water, and separate scrap and waste collection points for cottage residents in the archipelago and Lakeland region.

Environmental communication

The target group for the environmental communications of the Association includes all those moving in or around the Finnish waterways: boaters, paddlers, holiday residents, residents, campers, hikers and those in charge of harbour management. The objective is to advise everyone on ways to navigate the waters in an environmentally-considerate and respectful way. We produce content for our target groups and attend various events to share information about important environmental issues related to boating. We also participate in important events and fairs related to the field.

The majority of our materials are published in Finnish and Swedish, but some brochures are also available in English.