We provide the media with information about environmental issues related to water recreation and boating. Our experts are available for interviews. We also supply articles and photographic and video material concerning the activities of the Association and environmental issues related to water recreation and boating.

We speak and give presentations at different events whenever possible. We organise Clean Beach events together with companies, educational institutions and other parties, and we provide advice to others on how to organise their own beach clean-up event.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Waste management within the archipelago and lake areas
  • Sewage and pumpout facilities for boats
  • Use of dry toilets on islands
  • Sustainable boating and water recreation
  • Environmentally-friendly harbour activities
  • Excursion harbour maintenance
  • Littering in waterways
  • Environmental issues related to boat maintenance and docking
  • Antifouling paints and their alternatives

This section also provides publications, media releases, an image bank, newsletters and press photos.

Contact information for our communications personnel:

Nora Forsman
communications officer (on maternity leave)
040 455 7252
Ida Sandberg
communications officer
040 457 1182
Veera Säilä
communications officer
040 455 2798