Roope services for those travelling in and around Finland’s waterways

Are you looking for waste disposal bins, dry toilets or a sewage pumpout station? Look on the map to find the Roope services located throughout Finland’s coastal areas and Lakeland region.
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Join the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association!

Our membership enables us to ensure clean waterways in and around Finland. Do your part to support our vital work by becoming a member. The membership fee is 35 € per year.
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Promote clean waterways with Roope products!

By purchasing products that support the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association, you show that you care about the well-being of the waterways.
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Corporate co-operation

Corporate co-operation is one of the cornerstones of our activities. Our comprehensive efforts to keep our waterways clean require ongoing and reliable funding. Check out the companies that make our activities possible!


Help to look after the Saimaa region – donate to the cause!

The aim of the ‘Kalusto kuntoon’ campaign is to raise funds for a new vessel specially equipped to maintain the tidiness of the lake environs and to carry out maintenance work in the excursion harbours that fall within the operational area of Saimaa overseen by the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association.